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Our Company Profile


We Guru Partap Agro Industries formerly known as Guru Partap Refrigeration (GPR) started its business in 1984 in commercial and industrial Air conditioning and refrigeration .We did air conditioning and refrigeration for Hotels ,Hospitals ,industrial and Food processing industries such as cold storage and Mushroom plants. We have expertise in Building and providing the desired temperatures and humidity for food processing and Mushroom plants. In early nineties we entered into the business of manufacturing especially for mushroom compost preparation.

We manufacture machinery for Mushroom spawn lab, mushroom composting and growing, such as laminar Flow, Autoclaves, BOD, Boilers, Blancher, Cold store, Compost Turner, Tunnel Filling Lines, Bunker fillers, bag filling Lines, Compost block making line ,Blowers, Air Handling units, Central AC, Insulated Doors and Windows.

  • We hand fabricate all machineries with hydraulic and automatic operations and build them to suit the customers requirement and specifications.
  • We also provide consultancy for building and infrastructure design such as tunnel design, Bunkers design, growing room design, rack design, complete mushroom plant design.
  • We are continuously evolving and developing our products to provide customers more easy and comfortable, reliable solutions to save labour, time and improve their production considerably.
  • Our team consists of engineers from production/manufacturing field and HVAC engineers to provide the customers turnkey solution for their Mushroom growing plants and machinery.


To provide Economical and Sustainable solutions for mushroom growing and agricuiture.